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Dominic Vincent Ligot

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Dominic Ligot

Data analyst, researcher, software developer, entrepreneur and technologist. Advocate for data literacy, AI ethics, data ethics and social impact from data. His current work focuses on human rights, public health, food security, political risk and fighting disinformation and infodemics through the use of computational social science, social listening, remote sensing, artificial intelligence and data engineering.

Founder of CirroLytix, a social impact AI company, and Data Ethics PH, an online community focused on social issues such as data privacy, data security, AI-driven discrimination, data liabilities, data ownership rights, and data poverty. Three-time global winner of the NASA and ESA International Space Apps Challenges, his team's award winning dengue surveillance application, AEDES, has been backed by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA) and the UNICEF Innovation Fund.

Co-authored the Masters in Applied Business Analytics degree of the University of Asia and the Pacific, and led the development of the nationwide data science education program Project SPARTA. Co-founded the Analytics Association of the Philippines (AAP) and is a Board of Trustees member of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ).

Passionate about using big data and AI to make a positive difference in the world and creating a better future for society as it transitions through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Featured work and involvements.

CirroLytix Research Services
Founder, CEO and CTO

Data Ethics PH
Founder, Executive Director

Analytics Association of the Philippines
Co-Founder, Board of Trustees

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism
Board of Trustees

Project SPARTA
Program Design and Proponent

Project AEDES
NASA Space Apps Challenge
Team Lead and Developer

Project Troglodyte
Data Scientist and Co-developer

UA&P Master in Applied Business Analytics
Co-Author and Lecturer

Lead Analyst

BARMM Data Challenge

Philippines Data Analytics Sector Labor Market Intelligence Report

Trends in COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance in the Philippines and their Implications on Health Communication
Lead Data Scientist and Co-Author


Podcasts, Interviews, and Webinars.

January 2023 - Facts First
The GOOD and the BAD with ChatGPT

December 2022 - Facts First
Kung Fact Check Lang Kulang

September 2022 - Howie Severino Podcast
Data is the new oil, but also the new polluion

July 2022 - Analytics Association of the Philippines
The 2022 National Analytics & AI Summit Day Two

June 2022 - Digital Public Goods Podcast
Dominic Ligot: AEDES project, AI for Advanced Early Detection and Exploration Service

February 2022 - UNDP Philippines
Rising Together: Lessons from Pintig Lab’s Data Innovation Portfolio for Data-driven Solutions

August 2021 - UNDP Philippines
LEADING INSIGHTS: Deepening Socioeconomic Recovery from COVID-19 through Innovations in Data and Policy

August 2021 - UNDP Philippines
ACROSS THE CHASM - Informing Communications Strategies for Vaccine Acceptance through Data Science

August 2021 - Analytics Association of the Philippines
2021 Analytics Summit PH - Day One

Digital Public Goods Webinar

May 2021 - Data Ethics PH
Peachy Pacquing - Ethical Leadership and Creativity

March 2021 - Data Ethics PH
Michelle Alarcon - Pressures and Passion of a Career in Data

February 2021 - Project AEDES
Project AEDES 2021 Updates

February 2021 - Data Ethics PH
Ben Teehankee: Professionalizing Data

October 2020 - Ako at ang Kalikasan TV
AKTV S5E2: Project AEDES

September 2020 - Data Ethics PH
Troglodyte - Fake News Conspiracy Detection

March 2020 - ANC
NASA Space Apps Challenge: Aedes Project | Future Perfect

February 2020 - Tech Sabado
Project Troglodyte and Misinformation

December 2019 - GMA Public Affairs
Bawal ang Pasaway: Libreng wifi, ligtas nga bang gamitin?

December 2019 - GMA Public Affairs
Bawal ang Pasaway: Ilang website ng gobyerno, bakit hindi tiyak ang seguridad?

December 2019 - GMA Public Affairs
Bawal ang Pasaway: Pagkalat ng 'deepfakes' sa social media, nakababahala nga ba?

October 2019 - GMA Public Affairs
Stand for Truth: 'Deep fake' para sa fake news, nauuso na

August 2019 - GMA Public Affairs
Fact or Fake with Joseph Morong: Beware of Deepfakes!

November 2018 - ANC Early Edition
Dominic Ligot: On data-driven innovation and data-related talent

August 2018 - Super Data Science Podcast
SDS 183: Everything about data analytics & its future

July 2018 - CirroLytix
AI and Creativity: New Frontiers for the Local Ad Industry

February 2018 - ANC Early Edition
Doc Ligot: On big data analytics

June 2015 - Info Risk Today
Tapping Analytics In CyberSec, Fraud


Articles, blogs, research.

June 2022 - UNDP Philippines
Social and Behavioral Change Communication: A New Approach to Communicating Human Rights

January 2022 - Philippine Business for Education
Philippines Data Analytics Sector Labor Market Intelligence Report

January 2022 - SSRN
Developing a Titanic Survival Scorecard: Risk Analysis of Populations Through Statistical Scoring Methods

January 2022 - SSRN
Bangsamoro Data Challenge - Data-Driven Peace-Building through Collaborative Ideation

September 2021 - SSRN
Cross-Country Analysis of Public Trust Towards Government Responses during COVID-19 Pandemic

August 2021 - UNDP Philippines
Trends in COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance in the Philippines and their Implications on Health Communication

August 2021 - SSRN
Augmenting Public Health Surveillance with Big Data: Measurement Framework and Selected Applications

January 2021 - SSRN
Infodemiology: Computational Methodologies for Quantifying and Visualizing Key Characteristics of the COVID-19 Infodemic

March 2020 - WHO Bulletin
CoronaTracker: World-wide COVID-19 Outbreak Data Analysis and Prediction

December 2020 - ANCX
The decade in tech: The gadgets that changed us, the schemes that shocked us

June 2020 - ANCX
Attack of the clones: What really led to Facebook becoming so scary political

June 2020 - ANCX
The rise of clone accounts and the ugly reality of Facebook as political weapon

September 2019 - ANCX
What an internet Echo Chamber is—and why you should get out of it

August 2019 - ANCX
Deep fakes bring fake news to a whole new level—and here's how it can target you

August 2019 - ANCX
Beware of hackers: Why connecting to free public WIFI is not always safe

August 2019 - ANCX
'The Great Hack’ just introduced us to the great hacker of our lives: our own laziness

July 2019 - ANCX
The FaceApp scare: how machine learning technology can put your identity in danger

October 2017 - LinkedIn Pulse
Mad World Of Analytics

November 2016 - LinkedIn Pulse
Apocalyptic Analytics

October 2016 - LinkedIn Pulse
Analytic Personality Disorders (APD)

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Shadow Analytics

May 2016 - LinkedIn Pulse
Who killed the Analytics?

October 2015 - LinkedIn Pulse
4 Big Data "B"-Movies for Halloween

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Some Big Data fables to learn from

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Dysfunctional Analytics

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Data-Driven Risk Management

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August 2014 - Inquirer.Net
Asean financial integration


Mentions in news and articles.

January 2023 - Los Angeles Wire
Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Look Out For in 2023

January 2023 - Gitcoin
UNICEF Alpha Round: Round Results & Recap

December 2022 - BBC
ChatGPT: New AI chatbot has everyone talking to it

December 2022 - UNICEF
AI & Data Science for Learning and Health

November 2022 - UNICEF Innovation Fund
AEDES: A platform for dengue prediction using climate and health data for epidemic management

October 2022 - data.org
48-Hour Hackathon Yields Lasting Data Solution for Fighting Dengue

February 2022 - Philippine Information Agency
DAP brings PH IT experts in int’l cybersecurity workshop

August 2021 - Good News Pilipinas
Philippines’ World MAQI wins NASA Earth Observation global Hackathon

August 2021 - Philippine Star
Philippines to focus on buying US vaccines

June 2021 - Digital Public Goods
UNICEF Philippines announces its first Digital Public Good Pathfinding Pilot

June 2021 - Manila Bulletin
DOST, UNICEF to tech firms, innovators: Come up with digital tools that could address dev't, humanitarian challenges

May 2021 - Industry & Individual (Archived)
Data-driven: Dominic Ligot on Big Data for Social Impact

December 2020 - Mirror Review
CirroLytix Research Services: Harnessing The Data Value Chain To Achieve Positive Change

December 2020 - Marketing In Asia
Top 100 Filipinos To Follow On LinkedIn For Inspiration And Learning 2020

November 2020 - Philippine News Agency
Filipino startup recognized in addressing SDG's using space tech

November 2020 - The POST
LOOK: This Filipino startup just got recognized for developing a dengue hotspot prediction system

September 2020 - NASA
NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge Winners Share Stories of Innovation

August 2020 - Upgrade
Pinoy app addressing pandemic impact wins Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge

June 2020 - The Guidon
To appraise the double-edged: Deepfakes in modern media

March 2020 - Rappler
Aedes Project: The Filipino-made app that aims to map dengue hotspots

March 2020 - Good News Pilipinas
NASA Space Apps Pinoy champion AEDES helps worldwide Coronatracker for COVID-19

March 2020 - Business Mirror
Sparta to produce 30,000 graduates on data science by 2022

March 2020 - Esquire Philippines
How The Philippines Won the NASA Space Apps Challenge With a Dengue-Fighting Data Project

November 2019 - CIO Advisor
CirroLytix: The Ethics and Social Value of Data

November 2019 - Techshake (Archived)
Focus on Data Science: Doc Ligot, Cirrolytix

November 2019 - The Technology Era
CirroLytix: Leveraging IoT for Social Impact

September 2019 - US Mission to ASEAN (Archived)
Filipino Programmers and Developers Won the Break the Fake, a Grand Hackathon Supported by YSEALI

September 2019 - Vera Files
Visual mapping of disinformation in the web wins international hackathon

October 2018 - BusinessWorld
Data analytics startup Cirrolytix mounts Business Analytics Masterclass

December 2017 - KDNuggets
Another Day in the Life of a Data Scientist



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